Harvard Resources

The Harvard community offers an abundance of resources to help its members get settled, stay informed, save money, and have fun—so you have every opportunity to make the your time here.

Important Harvard Websites

Here are some essential websites and resources to help you get oriented on campus, and around town.


An image of campus, a white large building on a fall day. There is a bright yellow tree.

Harvard IDs

How and where you get your Harvard ID depends on your University affiliation:

  • Students: check with the registrar from your school
  • Post Docs, faculty and staff: visit the Campus Service Center
Man in a plaid shirt taking a card out of his wallet at the counter.

Discounts and Perks

Check your School's home page to learn about Harvard Student discounts.

Outings and Innings
Outings and Innings offers discount tickets to Harvard families for local events, concerts, sporting events, museums, and more. The office is located in Harvard Square. Learn more at Outings and Innings.

A group of Harvard students in the stands, cheering during an athletics game.

Auditing Courses

Adult family members of Harvard graduate students are often allowed to audit courses. Please check with the individual Graduate or Professional School to understand their course audit process.

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Free Museum Passes

Harvard’s museums curate renowned collections, pioneer cutting-edge research, and offer educational experiences for everyone. There are special events for the Harvard community, including families and children, throughout the year. Please check each Museums website to learn more about entry fees and visiting hours. 

Check out Harvard Museums

A grand view of one of the halls of the Harvard Museums, featuring large animal or dinosaur bone displays.

Informative Resources, Groups, and Associations

Entirely volunteer-run organization open to spouses and partners of Harvard students, post-docs, visiting fellows, and other affiliates.
An informational booklet created and distributed by Harvard spouses and partners over the years with helpful tips for navigating Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston.
Regular interest groups on a range of subjects, including a weekly playgroup and a discussion group for international women.
For non-American students and scholars at any of Harvard’s schools or other institutions, the Harvard International Office (HIO) is the first port of call for information and advice on a range of issues.
Online listing of all arts and culture events at Harvard.
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Getting Around Campus

The Harvard Shuttle and MASCO Shuttles are free to Harvard Community members with a Harvard ID or special borrowers card. Children ride for free, though they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Free Harvard Evening Van Service 
Did you know that there is a free evening shuttle service for Harvard students and their families? The Harvard Evening Van Service is like Uber, but free! Affiliates are welcome to utilize this service when accompanying a Harvard student. The service operates every night between 7:00 PM and 3:00 AM throughout the academic year. The last ride request is accepted at 2:15 AM No advance reservations are accepted. There is a limited service area, spanning most of Cambridge. You will need to download the Harvard Evening Van App to utilize this service

A photo of a Harvard University bus in front of the Harvard SEAS building

Area Events

As a member of the Harvard Community, there is a wide array of low-cost and free events available to you and your family on Harvard’s campus and across Greater Boston. What’s more, as a HUH affiliate, you and your loved ones are also eligible to participate in events organized by the Graduate Commons Program.

Harvard Gazette Online Events Calendar

GCP Online Events Calendar

A photo of a young child petting a baby duck at a petting zoo hosted on campus