Watch our Admit Video & Register for a Q&A Session!


Hello applicants and fellow Harvard affiliates!

Do you have questions about living in Harvard University Housing (HUH)?

Watch our Admit Video

Harvard University Housing has produced an 18-minute informational video for you to watch at your own pace that covers all of the following topics:

  • Eligibility Guidelines
  • HUH Apartment types and locations
  • Amenities & Community Programming
  • The Housing Lottery Overview (applying for an apartment)
  • Co-Lessees & Authorized Occupants
  • The Currently Available List
  • Signing your HUH Lease & the Initial Payment
  • Lease Riders
  • Best Practices
  • ...and more!


Video Overview Q&A Group Sessions

If you watch our informational Admit video and still have some questions, we have some good news for you - we are offering several live Q&A groups via Zoom between March and April!

However, there are a few guidelines you need to know before registering:

  1. Watching the informational video is required before attending a session.
    This is to ensure that everyone has a standardized base level of knowledge, which will allow us to engage in more meaningful/helpful dialogue with you. You may also find that all of your questions are answered by the video, as it was created to address all of our frequently asked questions by newly admitted Harvard affiliates and applicants.
  2. Q&A group sessions will be capped at 100 registered attendees - registering ahead of time is required!
    Sessions are capped at 100 attendees to allow our leasing staff the bandwidth to thoughtfully answer attendee questions in the chat within the allotted session time. If a session fills up before you are able to attend, do not worry! We are offering several sessions through the months of March - April to provide multiple options to choose from. 
  3. Please register at one of the following links, and follow the instructions on the registration page: