Cronkhite at the Quad

Cronkhite at the Quad

Welcome to Cronkhite at the Quad! Visit this page to find the latest information, policies, events, and more for Cronkhite Center residents living at the Quad.

4/15/20 update - message from HUDS:

  • HUDS has made menu changes effective this week as we move into a new phase of COVID-19 service for our campus residents. Given the likelihood of a significantly reduced workforce, we have moved to eliminate all cooking at the operation. Instead, all food items for service will come in pre-made and packaged from several local vendors. We will continue to provide items to meet various dietary needs.
  • HUDS will continue to support the nearly 450 students remaining on campus and needing meal support. These modifications allow us to do so with limited personnel. We appreciate your support and patience as we work to keep you and our team nourished and safe in deeply challenging condition.
  • Ingredient information will be available in print at all locations upon request. For additional support with special dietary needs, please contact .
  • For all other comments or concerns, please use:


4/7/2020 update - message from HUDS:

Based on very limited breakfast participation, we will move to a service model that eliminates breakfast service and instead provides those foods for pick-up at dinner.

Effective Thursday, April 9: 

  • Breakfast pick-up hours will be eliminated.
  • Meal service will run from 11am-2pm (lunch) and 4-7:15pm (dinner)
  • During dinner service, residents will pick up dinner AND breakfast for the following day.
  • Staffing will be scaled to the minimum necessary to allow efficient production and service while maintaining safe distancing.

Ingredient information will be available in print at all locations upon request. For additional support with special dietary needs, please contact emily_bridges@harvard.eduFor all other comments or concerns, please use:

3/26/2020 updates


Ending your housing contract

Step 1: Communicate with HUH

  • Terminate your contract by logging on to the Resident Portal.
  • If you want to make a change to a termination or extension decision that you already entered into the Resident Portal, please send an email to to let them know what you would like to do. Be sure to include your name, unit number, and vacate date.
  • If you are planning to return to Cronkhite for the next academic year, please send an email to so that they can note it in your record.
  • The adjustment for your rent and meal plan will be prorated based on your vacate date, not the date of your email. 

Step 2: What to do at the Quad, with one last stop at Cronkhite


Mail forwarding

  • You will need to make forwarding arrangements for your first-class mail with Harvard University Mail Services by completing this forwarding formDo not fill out a United States Postal Service forwarding form.
  • You should also update your shipping address with online retailers as parcels that arrive on campus from private carriers such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc. are not forwardable and will be returned to the sender.
  • Please contact Harvard University Mail Services with any questions at or 617-496-6245.


3/25/2020 updates

New policies for those living in Currier and Cabot

Please read, review, and adhere to the policies that the College has put into place for those living on campus. The goal of these policies, particularly the ones around guests and alcohol, is to keep you and your neighbors safe.

Where can I find help

  1. Medical or mental health crisis:  Please call 495-1212 or 911.
  2. Operations coverage through April 7th can be found here.  Remember:  lockouts are handled through Securitas at 617-496-9370.
  3. Have a non-emergency question or concern? 
    1. Call 617-312-7112 for student life non-emergency questions or concerns.  Due to the stay at home advisory, GCP Professional Staff are responding by phone only.  
    2. Submit your questions here:  Please give us 48-hours to respond.

What should i do if I want to terminate my housing contract?

  • Terminate your Cronkhite contract by logging on to the Resident Portal.
  • Please send an email to and (with your name, unit number, and vacate date) letting them know whether or not you are planning to return to Cronkhite for the next academic year.
  • Visit this site again soon for more information on moving out.

Graduate Commons Programming

  • As a reminder, Graduate Commons Program events continue online.  Please stay in touch via the Cronkhite Facebook Group or visit our calendar page to learn more about opportunities available to you.   We hosted HGSE Professor Tony Jack last night for our third Meet the Scholar event, but first ever virtual event, and the response was fantastic.  More to come as we welcome HBS Professor Zoe Cullen on the gender pay gap in early April. 
  • This Sunday: Faculty Directors Nancy Hill (HGSE) and Rendall Howell are hosting an AMA: Ask Me Anything session on Sunday, March 29th at 11am. Join your Cronkhite friends and neighbors for this special session. Ask about PhD programs, life in Cambridge, a dual career household with kids, their favorite music or anything that comes to mind!


  • We understand that there is more noise with residents remaining in the building throughout the day – some working, some studying, some watching TV, some listening to or playing music. We ask that you be considerate of your neighbors by keeping the volume on these activities as low as is comfortable and, when possible, using headphones.
  • Similarly, please try to be tolerant of your neighbors' noise. These are unusual circumstances--to say the least -- and an extra measure of kindness and understanding will go a long way in getting us all through it.

Staying healthy and managing stress

  • If you are feeling stressed or anxious, Harvard recommends that you contact Counseling and Mental Health Services (for students) or Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program to speak with a mental health professional.
  • Harvard’s Center for Wellness is offering online guided meditation.
  • Harvard Recreation is offering free access to online fitness class here:
    • Visit on your laptop or download the wellbeats app to your phone
    • Register Via Code - b27fdf55
    • Enjoy a fitness class!
    • Visit the Harvard Recreation web site for additional virtual classes. See this week's schedule.
  • Please follow these guidelines to stop the spread of the virus:
    • Practice universal social distancing measures, including maintaining a six-foot distance from others, respectively staying away from sick people, limiting your movements, and avoiding public spaces and large, crowded gatherings. ,Universal social distancing is critical to protecting everyone.
    • Promote good, basic hygiene, including washing your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; coughing/sneezing into a tissue or your sleeve; avoiding close contact with those who are sick; and staying home when you are sick. 
    •  Know when and how to wash your hands and use sanitizer.
    • Take steps to lower your risk at meetings and events, including holding video- or teleconference meetings, modifying in-person interactions, and maintaining a 6-foot distance.
    • Review Harvard University Health Services' (HUHS) guide to determine whether you should self-isolate.