Covid 19 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest info on Harvard transit services?
How will adjustments work work for early termination?
  • Will you adjust my account for early termination?
    • Once your lease termination is processed by the leasing office, Accounts Receivable can start processing the account adjustment. If you are unsure about the status of the termination, please contact the Leasing Office at first. 
  • How much will the adjustment be?
    • Your adjustment will be based on your updated lease termination date and will be prorated to the day you vacate the apartment.
  • When will you do the adjustment and when will I see it?
    • The Accounts Receivable office anticipates sending adjustments to the Student Accounts Office every Friday. You should expect to see the adjustments in your student account by the following Monday.
When do I self-isolate? How can I stay up-to-date on the coronavirus?
I've left Harvard Housing. How do I let the Post Office know?

You can submit a change of address form on the USPS site

Are Boston and Cambridge offering any help with meals, financial assistance, etc?

Please check these resources for specific options:



Are the gyms and study rooms located in some of the HUH properties open?

Gyms and study rooms are closed until further notice in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus. We will reopen them as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Who do I contact with questions about rent or meal plan rebates if I terminate my lease/housing contract early?

Please email with your questions. Be sure to include your complete address, including your apartment number. 

Why haven't I received email updates from HU Housing?

HU Housing has been sending regular updates to residents, mostly through Constant Contact.


What is happening with building Common Rooms?
  • Graduate Commons has cancelled room reservations and discontinued both playgroups and playroom memberships for the semester.  Refunds will be issued in a timely manner.
  • The following common rooms will be closed:
    • 5 Cowperthwaite First Floor Common Room
    • 10 Akron West
    • 29 Garden Street Common Room
    • Trilogy Common Room
    • OWA First Floor Lounge (fireplace)
    • Peabody Terrace Common Room
    • OWA Common Room
    • Kirkland Court Common Room
    • Broadway Common Room
    • Beckwith Circle Common Room
  • Closing these spaces enables the cleaning staff to focus on areas that need increased cleaning and disinfection.  It will also lessen large, non-sanctioned gatherings that disregard University guidelines.
  • To support resident needs, all other study rooms will remain open at this time, with furniture modifications happening next week to promote social distancing. 
Are the Graduate Commons Offices open? What is happening with Graduate Commons programming?
  • To reduce risk and protecting the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community, members of the Graduate Commons Team are working remotely.
  • In accordance with University guidelines , Graduate Commons will move programming to virtual platforms whenever possible. A new calendar will be available online at starting March 23.
  • The GCP team anticipates a creative line-up of virtual programming to ensure our continued connections as neighbors, including a new lecture series featuring the work and scholarship of our residents. If you are interested in sharing your work through the Emerging Scholar virtual lecture series, please sign up here.
  • Please join your community’s GCP Facebook group to stay up to date on interactions as well. 

Please reach out to the Graduate Commons Team with any questions.

Are the Property Management Offices open? How will their work be impacted by social distancing?
  • To reduce risk and protecting the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community, members of the Property Management Team are working remotely.
  • To put in a work order request, please call or email your Property Management Team or enter it through the online work order system.
  • When a work request is submitted, there will be additional screening questions pertaining to the status of resident health before a staff member enters the unit. These screening questions are aligned with guidance from public health professionals and the health and safety protocols the University has put in places based on this guidance.
  • If you need to pick up or drop off keys, fobs, white cards, etc., please call or email your Property Management Team to make arrangements.
  • In accordance with the University’s distancing guidelines, we ask that residents maintain a six-foot distance from our team members.
  • You may see maintenance staff, HUH team members, and vendors wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as they work in our properties. This is being done as a precautionary measure in accordance with University guidelines.

Please reach out to your Property Management Team with any questions.

Is the Leasing Office open?
  • To reduce risk and protecting the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community, members of the Leasing Team are working remotely and the Leasing Office is closed. You can contact the Leasing Team by sending an email to
  • The Campus Service Center is open at this time, but please call 617 496-7827 to confirm.
I have an approved HUH application, but don't see any apartments posted online. When can I expect to see some?
  • Units come off and on of the Currently Available list throughout the year and we recommend you check back frequently. In the meantime, if you want to explore private market housing options, please visit  
  • You can also consider an HUH sublet as a short-term option. Please visit for more information.
What do I need to know if I choose to move out?

If you terminate your lease or housing contract, you will receive an email with move-out instructions before your chosen vacate day.

Am I allowed to sublet my HUH apartment or Cronkhite room?
  • You may sublet your apartment up until your lease end date.
  • Sublets are not allowed at Cronkhite Center at this time.
  • Please visit for more information.
What are the options regarding my HUH Apartment Lease? Does it differ if there are roommates?

Residents at this time may request a Termination or Extension per our annual TE Process, which has been communicated to all residents. Please login to your resident portal  at:

  • Residents must choose from the following options by March 31, 2020:
    • Extend your lease and remain in the apartment
    • Terminate your lease on your lease end date of June 30, 2020
    • Terminate and vacate your apartment early. HUH will end liability for each resident choosing to vacate prior to June 30, 2020, on their chosen vacate date.
      • This also applies to roommate situations where all roommates are vacating prior to June 30, 2020. Remaining roommates are not responsible for the vacating roommate’s rent through 6/30/20
      • If not all roommates leave, those who plan on extending for the next year will pay pro-rated rent through June 30, 2020. As of July 1, 2020, they will be responsible for the full rent through their lease term but may request new roommates at any time.
    • If you terminate your lease you will need to reapply for Harvard University Housing should you wish to live with us in the next academic year.

Please email with questions.

Do I Have To Move Out Of My HUH Apartment Because There Are More Bedrooms Than Bathrooms?

At this time, apartments are not subject to the same one-to-one bedroom to bathroom ratio as residence halls, so there is no need to leave your apartment.